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Explore topics related to nondestructive testing, neutron imaging, radiation hardening, and more — plus updates from Phoenix’s Fitchburg, Wisconsin headquarters and imaging center.

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Phoenix LLC Assists in United Launch Alliance’s Mission to Launch Rocket Carrying National Security Payload

Phoenix LLC recently played a vital role in ensuring the safety of the successful launch of ULA rocket.

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Phoenix LLC Secures Long-Term Partnership with Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials Company to Bolster National Defense, Energy and Space Supply Chain

Cutting-edge technology provides reliable, high-quality nondestructive testing of mission-critical components.

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Phoenix LLC Announces Increased Capacity for Neutron Imaging

Phoenix LLC Announces Increased Capacity for Neutron Imaging

Neutron Radiography

Neutron Image Gallery

Our neutron generator brings newfound reliability and access to nondestructive testing. See what new perspectives it can offer you.

Neutron Radiography

Diving Deep: Neutron Radiography & How It Works

Explore how neutron radiography can help manufacturers in a variety of industries design better, more efficient, and safer products.

Materials Testing

Radiation Hardening & Radiation Effects Testing

Radiation effects testing is critical for a variety of industries. Here, we explore the ins and outs of rad hardening and effects testing.

Neutron Radiography

7 Powerful Neutron Radiography Applications

Neutron imaging is a powerful tool for NDT materials testing applications. Here, we explore these powerful applications in greater detail.


Welcome To Tree-Liopolis!

This past Earth Day weekend, we here at Phoenix were happy to be involved in Girl Scout Troop 8513’s Bronze Award tree-planting project.

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SHINE, Phoenix Merger Focused On Advancing Fusion Technology

SHINE Medical Technologies LLC and Phoenix LLC today announced that the companies have completed a merger.

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Phoenix Receives $2.5 Million Contract From DOE For Fusion Energy Technology

Phoenix announced today that it has received a $2.5 million Cooperative Agreement.

Neutron Radiography

Boron As A Neutron Imaging Contrast Agent

Gadolinium’s extremely high neutron cross section makes it a powerful contrast agent in neutron radiography.

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Phoenix Plans To Establish Second Neutron Imaging Facility In California

Phoenix announces plans to construct a second neutron imaging center near the aerospace, defense and tech hub of the San Francisco Bay Area.


Taking Neutrons To New Places

We have made many milestones this year as we take our neutron generator technology further for the betterment of humanity.

Neutron Radiography

How Neutron Radiography Could Have Saved A Two Billion Dollar Satellite

In the realm of aircraft and spacecraft, tiny, hard-to-detect flaws and even the smallest oversights can lead to catastrophic outcomes.

Neutron Radiography

Gadolinium: Adding Even More Clarity To Neutron Imaging

Read why gadolinium and other neutron absorbers are powerful tools for many neutron radiography applications.

Neutron Radiography

Carbonite Freezing: The Fun And Easy Way With Neutron Imaging

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, one of our engineers tried out a carbonite freezing reenactment—with neutron imaging!


Reddit Engineering “Ask Me Anything” Event Recap

Earlier this week, Phoenix held its second-ever AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) session on Reddit! Read a recap of how it went.

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Phoenix Awarded US Army IDIQ Contract For Munitions Inspection

Phoenix has been awarded a $10 million ceiling IDIQ (indefinite quantity, indefinite delivery) contract with the US Army.


Taking Neutrons To New Heights

2019 was a big year for Phoenix—we’re on to better our world through innovations in nuclear technology.

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Phoenix Demonstrates Highest Possible Neutron Image Quality At New NDT Facility

We have demonstrated the capability to take ASTM Category I neutron radiographs at our accelerator-based industrial radiography facility.

Neutron Radiography

PNIC Grand Opening Event Recap

a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held to officially welcome Phoenix to its future home of Fitchburg, Wisconsin.

Neutron Radiography

How Much Do You Know About N-Ray?

How Much Do You Know About N-Ray? Take our quiz to find out.

Neutron Radiography

N-Rays Vs. N Rays: Will The Real N-Ray Please Stand Up?

There’s a problem with calling neutron radiography “N-ray.” And that problem is… “N rays” already exist. Or, rather, “N rays” don’t exist.

Materials Testing

How Can Accessible Neutron Imaging Help The Auto Industry?

What possibilities can more accessible, readily-available neutron imaging unlock for automotive manufacturers?

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Phoenix And SHINE Achieve New World Record

With our partner SHINE, Phoenix’s neutron generators have set a new world record for strongest sustained nuclear fusion reaction.

Materials Testing

Who’s Disrupting The Aerospace Industry—And How Can N-Ray Help?

Learn about the disruptive potential of composites additive manufacturing and how N-ray can help the innovators in aerospace do their best.


Phoenix Passes Audit For ISO 9001:2015 Certified Quality Management System

Earlier in Q4 of 2018, our quality management system was audited and certified to meet the ISO's requirements.

Neutron Radiography

Seven Reasons To Attend The ASNT Annual Conference

While we can’t bring the neutron generators to you, we’re packing up our robots and heading to Houston, TX on October 28th- 31st.

Materials Testing

Phoenix Secures $15M In Contracts To Deliver Nuclear Fuel Inspection Solutions

Phoenix recently signed an agreement to provide two nuclear fuel inspection systems for a major US company.


2017 Best Of Monona Award

Phoenix Nuclear Labs has been selected for the 2017 Best of Monona Award.


Phoenix Raises $12M In Growth Capital

Phoenix Nuclear Labs announced that it has closed on $12M in funding to support its next stage of growth.


Phoenix To Supply Rayton Solar With Technology For Low-Cost Solar Panel Production

Phoenix has signed a long-term agreement to be the exclusive supplier of high current proton accelerators to Rayton Solar.