Neutron Image Gallery

Our neutron generator brings newfound reliability and access to nondestructive testing. See what new perspectives it can offer you.


Neutron & X-Ray images Produced in our Imaging Center

Neutron imaging (radiography) is a powerful nondestructive testing method due to the unique properties of neutrons. While neutron and X-ray imaging function in roughly the same way, their discrepancies lead to very different results when you use them to image an object.

The lighter a material, the easier it is for X-rays to penetrate it. The denser a material, the more difficult it is for X-rays to penetrate it. The opposite is true when it comes to radiography using neutron radiation, or N-rays. N-rays can pass through dense material more easily than light material, making neutron radiography the better option when it comes to imaging items with dense outer shells and casings 

Neutron imaging is presently underutilized in part because of a lack of accessible, high-intensity N-ray/neutron sources. Currently, these services are mainly supplied to the NDT community via a handful of neutron imaging-capable nuclear research facilities open for commercial use because only such facilities can supply enough neutrons for imaging. By developing a high-intensity neutron source that does not rely on a reactor, we’re bringing newfound reliability and ease of access to this powerful testing method.

See what new perspectives neutron imaging can offer you.