Phoenix LLC Announces Increased Capacity for Neutron Imaging

Phoenix LLC Announces Increased Capacity for Neutron Imaging


With Shutdown of California Reactor Looming, Accelerator-Based Phoenix Imaging Center Prepared to Bolster Supply Chains of Aerospace and Defense Industries


FITCHBURG, Wis., May 11, 2023 – Phoenix LLC, an industry leader in neutron imaging and nondestructive testing, today announced that it has increased its capacity for neutron radiography to meet the demand of current and prospective customers.

 Earlier this week, GE Hitachi announced its intent to transfer ownership of its Vallecitos Nuclear Center to NorthStar Group Services, Inc. for nuclear decontamination, decommissioning and environmental site restoration. The closing of the facility will impact the supply chains of aerospace, defense and other industries. In 2021, Phoenix and GE Hitachi established a partnership to transition customers from the Vallecitos Nuclear Center to Phoenix. During this transition period, Phoenix has been servicing neutron imaging customers with the Vallecitos Nuclear Center and its own Fitchburg location.

 Phoenix has increased its capacity for neutron imaging this year by 20%, and it is continuing efforts to further increase supply at its Fitchburg location and beyond.

 “We have appreciated the partnership with GE Hitachi, which has allowed us to expand our network of neutron imaging facilities to better serve our wide range of customers. We are thrilled to continue offering those customers, and more, exceptional service through our highly reliable imaging facility in Wisconsin,” said Tom D’Orazio, CEO of Phoenix. “The advantage of our accelerator-based system over nuclear reactors is greater flexibility and more hours available to operate. As reactors age, they require more scheduled maintenance and therefore more downtime. We can quickly adapt to demand because we can generate neutrons on demand, 24/7. And we continue to assess building additional imaging centers at locations where high demand justifies further investment.”

 Neutron imaging, or neutron radiography, is a nondestructive testing technique that acts as a vital safety net by detecting potential flaws and defects that may compromise the structural integrity of mission-critical components The Phoenix Imaging Center is one of the only sites in the world that offers production-scale, high-quality neutron imaging services without relying on the aging fleet of research reactors that have historically performed the service.

 About Phoenix

Phoenix is an industry leader in neutron imaging, a critical tool for nondestructive testing in aerospace, defense, health care and other industries. This testing helps manufacturers design better, more efficient, safer products, and provides quality assurance and failure analysis. Located in Fitchburg, Wisconsin, the Phoenix Neutron Imaging Center is the first facility of its kind to offer commercial neutron imaging services and radiation effects testing without the use of a nuclear reactor.


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