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Neutron radiography, also called neutron imaging or neutron tomography, is a nondestructive imaging technique that exposes a sample to a neutron beam, revealing its internal structure. This method is useful for manufacturers in several industries, enabling them to create safer, more efficient, and higher-quality products. Our high-intensity neutron source provides an essential tool for quality assurance and failure analysis, without depending on a nuclear reactor, making it an accessible and dependable testing method.

Nondestructive testing for aerospace & defense

Aerospace, defense, transportation, energy, and other industrial sectors require nondestructive testing to ensure product performance, safety, and reliability of mission-critical equipment.

Through neutron imaging, we help manufacturers deliver safe, high-quality components. In addition, we provide a valuable inspection service to support customer R&D, part qualification, and root cause analysis.

Phoenix employees inspect neutron imaging equipment

A better alternative to the nuclear reactor

Though the benefits of neutron imaging are well-known, access to this method of nondestructive testing suffers from limitations. Currently, manufacturers rely heavily on a decreasing pool of specialized nuclear reactors, and imaging isn't the primary mission of the academic or government institutions that control most of those reactors.

We deliver the same high-resolution image quality as reactor-based facilities, but with fewer — if any — outages and heavy security, safety, and logistics overhead. We’re reliable, flexible, and agile — and, as a result, our clients are, too.

Our Certifications

Nondestructive testing
We have a NAS 410 compliant training program and can certify films in accordance with ASTM E-545 and ASTM E-748.
We are compliant with DoD manuals 4145 (safety) and 5100 (security).
We hold an ATF FEL and Radioactive Materials License.
Quality Management
We maintain an ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D quality management system certified by DQS, Inc.
We're a U.S. Department of State Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) registered global exporter of products and services.
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